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Our Initiatives 

Our Three Programs for Young Scientists

We're here to make a positive impact! Our three programs work together to give young scientists the tools, knowledge, exposure, and support they need for successful careers.

Knowledge Is Everywhere- Skills Not 

In the world of science and tech, a big problem is holding back our students: old-school education, not enough hands-on experience, and a gap between what's taught and what's needed in the real world. They lack the skills needed for launching scientific startups. While everyone talks about progress, our budding innovators face hurdles in turning their ideas into startups.  

Scientific Pakistan sees this and wants to fix it. We're here to break down these barriers and unlock our students' true potential.  we want to create a society where talent, not background, determines a young person’s career success.  We believe that early careers can be a fantastic leveler for young people, however, outdated career guidance, lack of connections in a culture of ‘who you know’, low starting salaries, and limiting entry requirements are all holding back talented young people.

Our Theory of Change Is Simple....

We're solving the problem by providing practical training for young researchers and tech enthusiasts. Our programs focus on skills needed in industries and guide them in launching their startups.

We team up with industry experts to teach specific industry skills and offer knowledge for starting a business in their field. We're not just stopping there – we help with the actual launch, support in marketing, and excel through digital solutions, all at IT Sarkar. It's a simple yet effective way to empower our students for success in the tech world. 

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