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Earn Online: Non-Academic Career For Sci Graduates

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What is this course About: This course provides a comprehensive framework for guiding science graduates in their journey towards establishing a successful online presence and pursuing non-academic career opportunities through content creation. Module 1: Introduction to Non-Academic Career Options for Science Graduates An Overview of non-academic Career Paths for Science Graduates Identifying your skills and interests Potential for content creation as a career path Exploring various content creation platforms Earning methodologies: 1- Youtube 2- Blogging 3- Copywriting 4- Social Media Management 5- Technical Writing Module 2: YouTube for Science Content Creation Module 3: Science Blogging: Sharing Your Expertise with the World Module 4: Science Copywriting: Crafting Captivating Content for Science-Focused Brands Module 5: Social Media Management for Science Outreach Bonus Materials: List of resources for science content creators Templates and checklists for efficient content creation Case studies of successful science content creators




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