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Research Methodology

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Modules: Advance Chemical Applications: A Step Towards Entrepreneurship 💠1.Introduction to Research & its Relevance 🔹Types of Research 🔹Selection of Research Topic 🔹Introduction & Rationale 🔹Literature Search 💠 Formulation of Research Question & Objective 🔹Operational Definition 💠Types of Study Designs, Advantages &Disadvantages 💠 Sampling Techniques 💠Measure of Central Tendency, Dispersion, Point & Interval Estimation 🔹Measures of Disease Frequency & Association 💠Understanding Data its Presentation & Summarization 💠Chance, Bias & Confounding 💠Formulation and testing of Hypothesis 💠 Importance of Sample Size and its components 💠 Questionnaire Development 💠Screening 💠Guidelines for Synopsis/ Dissertation & Scientific paper writing for healthcare professionals.



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