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Stop Playing Online Games; It Harms Your Life

this new era, technology ruled over our lives. Rapid technological advancements have made it too simple for parents and children to turn to the internet for entertainment rather than plan physical activities. We spend most of our time using a mobile phone, on a laptop and tab.

It seems that online game is like a drug for the human mind. That’s why people want to spend their time playing those silly online games. According to random research, the video player spends almost 600 hours playing games every year, which is not suitable for our health and our lives. How are online games destroying our life?

Number of Ways Online Games Destroying Our Life

Stop Playing Online Games; It Harms Your Life

Time Wasting

When we play online games, you may notice that we always say to our mind, give 10 minutes more to the play and repeat this. Then this takes you almost 6-7 hours to play online games every day. While playing games, you waste your time, which may affect your lifestyle in the future. To make our future bright, we should avoid playing such games.

Instead of playing online games, we should learn new skills that help us make our future secure.

Waste of Money

Today people spend their money on online games. They purchase the thing of a game which gives them a higher rank in the game level. As a result, some youngsters may spend more than $100 every month to obtain a specific digital feature, such as a new avatar dress.

For example, in PUBG, people buy UC, a type of game money that allows players to purchase premium products from the PUBG shop, such as uncommon skins and outfits.

Which is just a waste of money. you spend money, but as a result, you earn nothing in your life, which is buy that only a part of the game, not your life.


When we play online games, we mostly sit in one place. This habit makes us lazy and fat. On the other hand, the person who does not play online games is more active and fit. As you know, “Health is wealth,” so you should first be healthy if you want wealth in your life

Divert You From Your Goals

Video games distract you from your goals or aim as it gains your a lot of time and gives you nothing. Playing online games creates a long distance between you and your goals. So if you want to achieve your goals, you should stop playing online games and save your time.

Avoids Other Persons

Playing online games make you unknown about your surroundings and your surrounded peoples. It makes you distance yourself from the people of your community, your cities, and your countries. You even have no idea what happens to the next door when you play the online game.

On the other side, the person who plays physical games meets many people around him, makes new and real friends, and learns new skills from others. By observing other people, you make yourself better.

Dull Life

Playing video games makes your life dull and bored. You play online games because they attract your attention, but playing the same game every time makes your life dull or lacks colour in your life. To make fun in your life, you should meet new peoples and makes new friends having to hang out with them. It makes your life colourful and exciting.

Change Your Mind To Ward Off Negative Thoughts

Regularly playing online games may affect your mind. As you play online games, you only think about the game. It makes you sure wish and affects your thinking. You may start thinking negatively. It makes you away from other people. So for a promising and bright future, you must think positively so positively lead yourself to a new world.

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Away from New Skills

Using technology or playing online games, we are away from the habit of book reading. Through this, we cant develop creative skills; we can do things. Reading a book develops a creative skill in a person; it makes you read, learn, and think, leading to new ideas in your life.

Doing new things in life tells you a lot about failure and success, exposes your limitations, and makes you more prepared, responsible, and patient. However, video games aren’t an excellent way to learn important life lessons or any skill.

Risk of Eyes Problem

Too much screen timing may affect your eyes. Eyes strain can be caused by using a mobile phone or other technology for too long. When you use a mobile or play a game online, you forget to blink your eyes, making it difficult for your eyes to focus. We don’t always place the screen at the proper distance or angle, contributing to the strain, which causes Retinal damage, Nearsightedness, Dry and irritated eyes, Eye fatigue, and Loss of focus flexibility. So, we should avoid playing online games.

Make life Stressful

We play online games for fun, but online games stress your mind as you pass one level of the game you want to pass, putting your mind under pressure. To avoid such stress in your life, you should stop playing games.


We should avoid online playing games for our excellent health. For a better understanding of things, to learn new things, make creative ideas, and make our future bright, we should stop playing online games. Online games consume our time, money, and health, but it gives you nothing in return. To stop playing online games, you should first decrease your screen time which affects your eyes. In short, playing an online game is good if you give them 10 to 20 minutes in a day, but it affects your life if you make playing online games a part of your life.

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