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Top 13 Careers In Zoology That Pay Well

Have you completed your degree in zoology and now looking for the best Careers In Zoology? Are you a zoology graduate and want to make an honourable career in zoology subject? Zoology is a subject related to animal studies.

This subject includes observing animals both in their natural habitats as well as in the laboratory.

Zoologists study animals in detail, like their origin, evolution, habitats, habits, and behaviour. Not only this but also study the interactions between the animals and their environment.

Major Degrees That are Offered in Zoology

  • BSc in Zoology

  • BSc in Biotechnology, Zoology, and Chemistry

  • BSc in Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry

  • MSc in Marine Zoology

  • MSc in Zoology with specializations in Medical Microbiology

  • MSc in Zoology

  • M-phil in Zoology

  • PhD. in Zoology

Major Careers In Zoology

Working as a zoologist, you can increase your knowledge about animal sciences while working in labs and fields of environmental, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries to equip your career more and more.

Government Jobs for Zoology Graduates

1. Zoology Professor/Teacher

Government offers jobs to zoologists in Universities, colleges, and schools for teaching. If you have a PhD in zoology, you can get a teaching job at a university with little effort.

They are required to conduct research, publish academic journal articles and books, teach undergraduate classes, supervise graduate students, and more.

2. Lab Researcher

Top 13 Careers In Zoology That Pay Well

Lab research work in a lab for different research purposes like studying and doing experiments on animal feed and behaviour. Government researchers work in labs, so they offer handsome jobs to zoologists who work as a researcher.

3. Animal Nutritionist

An animal nutritionist studies the nutritional needs of animals and analyzes the nutritional value of various animal feed products. He produces the data that improves the dietary products for animal feed through studies.

4. Ecologist

Ecologists research interactions between organisms and their surroundings. They examine the wildlife and plant life in a specific area and provide information on the potential effects of any proposed development projects.

5. Wildlife Rehabilitator

Consider becoming a wildlife rehabilitator for a more active role. Governmental organizations offer jobs to zoology graduates to work as wildlife rehabilitators.

These kind individuals assist animals in recovering and returning to the wild when they are ill, injured, or orphaned.

They search for the appropriate veterinary aid, treat the animals, and nurse them back to health by utilizing their in-depth understanding of animal behaviour and habitat.

6. Environmental Education Officer

By educating and understanding the natural world, you’ll improve the public’s enjoyment of the environment in your role as an environmental education officer.

You may focus your work primarily on a particular environment, such schools or nature preserves, or you could lead tourists on guided nature walks, plan events, or launch awareness campaigns.

7. Marine Scientist

Top 13 Careers In Zoology That Pay Well

Scientists with thorough training in saltwater biology are known as marine biologists.

They work with species such as plankton, fish, whales, and algae. Although there are many different marine biology vocations, most jobs combine research and instruction.

Tasks may involve gathering and examining samples of seawater and writing research summaries. Government offers jobs to zoology graduates to work as marine scientists in labs.

 8. Nature Conservation Scientist

Conservation scientists study, make improvements and maintain natural areas as another duty related to habitat protection.

They collaborate closely with governing bodies and landowners to manage animal habitats in ways that are safe for the environment.

Large-scale land monitoring and assessment, water quality testing, mineral, and other resource conservation, and other activities are examples of this. An analytical and action-oriented zoology major might find this career the perfect fit.

9. Zook Educator

A job in zoo education can be an ideal fit for you if you appreciate connecting with humans as much as you do with animals. Visitors to the zoo learn about the wonderful animals there from zoo educators.

They share knowledge about the animals, facility, and its conservation activities through informative presentations, questions, and answers.

10. Veterinary Assistant

Numerous zoology programs in the US provide specific pre-vet instruction to prepare graduates for a career in veterinary medicine.

Although some graduates from these schools want to continue their education, many opt to work for a while before enrolling in veterinary school. Consider working as a veterinary assistant, which is a fantastic entry-level position.

11. Scientific, Technical  Writer

A scientific, technical writer writes and contributes to scientific documents and reports.

They stick to scientific formats and styles so that their documents meet requirements and regulations. They must also work with scientists to gather data.

Highly Paying Careers In Zoology

Top 13 Careers In Zoology That Pay Well

  • 1Zoo Educator                around $29k    

  • Wildlife Rehabilitator    around $37k    

  • Marine Biologist           around $47k   

  • Animal Trainer             around $38k

  • Veterinarians                around $123k

Major Careers In Zoology

  • Research Institutes

  • Wildlife department

  • Medical and veterinary laboratories

  • Zoo parks

  • Sanctuaries

  • Safari Parks

  • Government agencies for wildlife protection

  • Conservational department

  • Hatcheries

Skills for Your CV

Top 13 Careers In Zoology That Pay Well

While studying zoology, You gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge laboratory and field research methodologies and comprehension of moral working procedures.

You can also get some other strong skills as given below. These skills will help you brighten your Career.

  • Analytical skills

  • Research and observation skills

  • Data-handling skills –

  • Written communication skills

  • Research and observation skills

  • Presentation and oral communication skills –

  • Project managing skills

  • A good understanding of IT and specific technical skills

  • Get the power to work both independently and as part of a team.

Earning Potential in Different Careers In Zoology 

United States Bureau of labour statistics 64700 per year. Zoologists with a master’s or doctoral degree can work as lead researchers in administrative and academic roles. They frequently focus on a particular species or group of animals and have access to bigger financial sources, such as grants.

10 percent Careers in Zoology who are paid the least annually make less than $39,150, while the top 10 percent make more than $98,540. With a middle-of-the-pack salary of between $48,360 and $76,320, a zoologist has many financial opportunities as their careers advance.

In Columbia, Careers in Zoology is very profitable for people because a zoologist’s annual income here is 106820 per year.  States with the highest salaries for zoologists are Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

Role of Social Media Platform

 The 21st century is the century of Social media. Now the use of social media is extended to scientific purposes like connecting with professionals and conservational and educational organizations.

Job searching is the most crucial function of social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram) for people. You can use networks to keep tabs on particular departments, scientific organizations, individuals, and job openings.

 Spend some time getting familiar with the search tools that enable you to go deeper into networks of people, scientific organizations, departments, and job ads.

Make sure to remain updated about top professionals’ social media accounts. Follow them, Like their posts, and try to start scientific discussions with them. This thing will keep you updated about innovations related to zoology that will increase your confidence in your degree and help you get a better career.

Of all social media platforms, LinkedIn is on top as it shows a huge network of people, organizations, and departments who are offering jobs, so by using it regularly, you can increase your chance of getting a job in zoology degree and making an admirable career in zoology.

Further Study (Specializations)

Top 13 Careers In Zoology That Pay Well

To specialize in a specific area of interest within their field, some zoology graduates choose to pursue postgraduate study at the master’s or PhD level, as given below.

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What is the highest paying job in zoology?

A Veterinarian, zoo educator, wildlife rehabilitator, and animal nutritionist are highly paid jobs in zoology.

Which is the best field in zoology?

Veterinarians, Zoo Educators, Wildlife rehabilitators, Marine biologists, Animal trainers, Sustainability officers, Conservation scientists, and professors are the best fields to move in zoology.

Is zoology hard to study?

A profession as a zoologist requires a lot of effort and dedication to researching marine or wildlife biology, but it is ultimately very rewarding. Zoologists simply study animals, their behavior, and their natural settings. They can also carry out independent or collaborative research on various topics.

Does zoology have a scope?

Zoology offers huge scope to a candidate who has completed a master’s degree in zoology. No one c can understand animals and their behavioural pattern more than Zoologists do. So they have bundles of fields and opportunities in terms of career.

Can a zoologist work in the hospital?

Though zoologists have a wide range of places to work but zoologists can’t work in hospitals.


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