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Gates Cambridge Scholarships for PhD

"Ready to unlock the gateway to unparalleled academic opportunities? Dive into the world of Gates Cambridge Scholarships for PhD!"

Gates Cambridge Scholarship For PhD

Exciting news to start your academic journey in the UK!

Applications are now being accepted for the prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship for PhD studies. Outstanding overseas students are welcome to apply for this fully supported scholarship to study for a master's or doctorate at the University of Cambridge.

This article unveils the program's rigorous selection process, application requirements, and the transformative opportunities it offers at the University of Cambridge. Founded in 2000 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, these scholarships empower exceptional scholars to pursue advanced research, fostering innovation and leadership across diverse disciplines.

With a focus on academic merit, leadership potential, and commitment to societal improvement, the Gates Cambridge Scholarships attract top-tier candidates dedicated to global change. Aspiring doctoral students will find invaluable guidance on crafting competitive applications and navigating the enriching academic and cultural experiences provided by this prestigious scholarship.

Explore how this initiative continues to shape the future of academia and inspire a new generation of visionary leaders."

Degree level



University of Cambridge



Time period

3 years for PhD

Scholarship Benefits

This scholarship, which offers a substantial £18,744 annual stipend, full health insurance, up to £2,000 in aid for academic advancement, and up to £15,612 in family allowance, is designed to assist scholars in their pursuit of excellence.

Here is the complete list of benefits covered under Gates Cambridge scholarship:

  • University Fee coverage

  • Generous maintenance allowance (£18,744 each year for a maximum of four years for PhD scholars)

  • Round-trip airfare for the start and end of the course

  • Covered are inbound visa fees and the Immigration Health Surcharge

  • Up to £2,000 in funding for conferences and courses related to academic development

  • Family allowance for £10,944 for one child or £15,612 for two or more

  • Support for fieldwork (maintenance allowance for fieldwork associated to a PhD)

  • Maternity and paternity money (maintenance allowance for up to six months during an intermission)

  • Funding for hardship is accessible for unforeseen difficulties.

Courses not applicable at Gates Cambridge Scholarship for PhD

Gates Cambridge does not consider applications for the following courses:

  • Any undergraduate degree, including BA (undergraduate) or affiliated BA (second BA).

  • MASt courses.

  • Master of Business (MBA).

  • Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) and Global EMBA.

  • Master of Finance (MFin).

  • Executive Master of Accounting.

  • Business Doctorate (BusD).

  • PGCE.

  • MBBChir Clinical Studies.

  • MD Doctor of Medicine degree (6 years, part-time, home students only).

  • Graduate Course in Medicine (A101).

  • Part-time degrees, excluding the PhD.

  • Non-degree courses.

Who can apply for Gates Cambridge Scholarship?

Anyone can apply for this scholarship if they have:

Nationality All nationals of non-UK countries are welcome.

Academic Institution and Programs:

Applying to the University of Cambridge to enroll in one of the designated courses:

  • PhD programs (full- or part-time*)

  • Full-time, one-year postgraduate program, with a few exceptions

  • PhD Pilot Program, Part-Time (October 2024 Entry):

Eligibility Criteria

Gates Cambridge Scholarship eligibility criteria: 

  • Language Ability: A requirement is English proficiency. 

  • Geographical inclusion: Accepting applications from applicants worldwide.

  •  Academic Status: Academic excellence that has been demonstrated is a basic prerequisite.

  •  Focused on targets Postgraduate Education: Candidates ought to make a strong case for the University of Cambridge for the postgraduate degree they have selected.

  •  Dedication to Social Effects: It is imperative to have a dedication to improving the welfare of other people. 

  • Ability to Lead: Candidates should demonstrate their ability to take charge.

  • International students: Available to citizens of all nations except the United Kingdom.

  • Postgraduate Study Full-Time: Applicants must be dedicated to pursuing a postgraduate program at Cambridge full-time.

How to Apply

  • Applying for a course will help you get into university. During the application process, go to the Gates Cambridge section of the funding section.

  • Register for a scholarship on the Gates Cambridge Scholarship web-page.

  •  Enter your personal information on the given platform.

  •  Submission of Documents:

  • A concise explanation (up to 3000 characters) addressing why you are seeking the scholarship and how you align with the criteria.

  • CV/Resume.

  • Proposal for research (for PhD candidates).

  • An additional reference that highlights your suitability for the scholarship and supplements the academic references provided for acceptance.

  • Provide responses to the designated application questions.

  • Submit the completed application.


For additional information and to initiate your application, please visit the official Gates Cambridge Scholarship website.


Reference Guide for Gates Cambridge Scholarship for PhD

  • Candidates for admission to Gates Cambridge must submit two academic references as well as a reference outlining their compliance with the scholarship requirements.

  • The officials are asked to share their perspectives on the following on the application:

  • How they evaluate the applicant for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

  •  The large group that serves as the basis for this rating.

  • The total number of people in this category.

  • The goal of the Gates Cambridge Reference is the same as that of the Gates Cambridge Statement, which is to find and choose highly qualified applicants who satisfy the scholarship's strict requirements.

  • The officials are invited to evaluate the application for a scholarship, noting their strengths, shortcomings, or areas of expertise.

Who should write the Gates Cambridge Reference?

  • Choose a trustworthy individual who is aware of the competitive nature of the program and the academic standards at the University of Cambridge when choosing someone to write your Gates Cambridge reference.

  •  Common options include employers, senior members of the relevant organizations, and academic mentors, both past and present. Make sure they understand the requirements for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship and are able to give concrete instances of how you fulfil them.

  • Don't ask friends or relatives for references, and make sure the people you have selected do so before the deadline. It is necessary that the references concentrate on the Gates Cambridge requirements instead of delivering general data.


1.     What is the Gates Cambridge Scholarship?

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship for PhD is a fully funded opportunity for scholars pursuing a doctoral program at the University of Cambridge.

Benefits of the scholarship, which is offered for the UK academic year of 2024, include: 

Financial Coverage, All educational costs at Cambridge, including the University Composition Fee, are covered by the scholarship. 

 This prestigious scholarship not only offers financial assistance to scholars but also encourages their academic growth and offers networking and engagement opportunities.

2.     How challenging is it to secure a Gates Cambridge Scholarship?

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship has maintained an extremely competitive selection procedure in recent years, with only about 1.3% of candidates being awarded a scholarship. These scholarships, which have their roots in the remarkable $210 million grant made by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, are intended to offer significant financial assistance to outstanding graduate students attending the University of Cambridge.

3.    Is there any age limit at Gates Cambridge University for admission?

Gates Cambridge does not have an upper age limit; therefore, it welcomes a wide range of students with different experiences and backgrounds, including parents.



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