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Post Graduate Scholarships in Europe

Embarking on the exciting journey of studying abroad has become an enchanting reality in Europe and a top-tier destination for global scholars. The allure of diverse landscapes, unparalleled education, and a vibrant cultural experience becomes students from around the world. The appealing prospect arises, yet it faces the hindrance of financial limitations.

Fear not! Abundant scholarships await the transformation of the dreams of European education into tangible achievements. Discovering the finest scholarships tailored for international students in Europe, as we delve into this insightful article.

If you want to pursue your post graduate degree from Europe then you are at the right place. In this article we have provided a list of postgraduate scholarships in Europe.

Best  Post Graduate Scholarship at Europe

1.     Europe Postgraduate Scholarships 

Post Graduate Scholarship at Europe

The EU Postgraduate Scholarship offers a valuable fee discount opportunity for European Union students pursuing postgraduate studies at the esteemed University of Stirling. This scholarship program is intended to aid and motivate European Union (EU) students in their academic endeavors at the institution by offering monetary support that advances their learning. By applying for this scholarship, qualified students can save money on their tuition, increasing the accessibility of higher education at the University of Stirling and giving citizens from the European Union more power.

University Offering this Scholarship


Degree level

Post graduate 

Number of Scholarships


Value of scholarship

          40% or £5,000 tuition fee discount depending on your start date



            Automatically awarded to all eligible students.

Eligibility and Availability

Qualification for international Category

Candidates must be categorized as international in order to pay the tuition.

Residency Requirement

Before starting their studies, prospective students must normally reside in the EU.

Republic of Ireland Taking into Account

Numerous scholarships spanning England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland are available to students from that country.

Give Priority Award

The highest value award will be applied if a person receives more than one University of Stirling award.

Stirling's Sports scholarships

This award is only compatible with the sports scholarships offered by the University of Stirling.

Program and Campus Particularities

Only students who enroll directly in a full-time postgraduate degree program at the University of Stirling are eligible for this grant.


How To Apply

Students that meet the requirements will be recognized automatically during the admissions process. For this reward, no additional application is needed.

2.     Commonwealth Scholarship

Post Graduate Scholarship at Europe

CSC is another best option for post graduate scholarship in Europe.  The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) provides a range of scholarship opportunities for students from Commonwealth nations who wish to study in the UK.

One of the host universities for these scholarships is the University of York, which offers qualified applicants a variety of study options and programs. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs are among the many academic fields and study levels covered by the scholarships, which are mostly supported by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office.

 The goal of Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships is to provide brilliant and determined individuals the chance to advance their knowledge and abilities in their specialized fields. The main objective is to provide the grantees with the means to make a substantial and sustainable contribution to the development of their own countries.

Degree level

Post graduate research and postgraduate taught program.

Funding Type


Programs offered

·       Advancing Science and Technology for Development

·       Fostering Worldwide Prosperity

·       Enhancing Resilience and Crisis Response

·       Building Robust Health Systems and Capacities

·       Promoting Global Peace, Security, and Governance

·       Ensuring Access, Inclusivity, and Opportunity


Funding Source

The UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office provides the majority of the funding for grants made by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC).


 Eligibility Criteria

Citizenship: Must be a British Protected Person, a citizen of one of the eligible Commonwealth nations, or have refugee status. Residency: The individual must be a permanent resident of a Commonwealth nation that qualifies.

Academic Readiness: By September 2024, the applicant must be prepared to start academic studies in the UK.

Education Requirements: Have a first degree with at least an upper second-class (2:1) honors standard by September 2024, or a lower second-class degree combined with an appropriate postgraduate certification. 

Funding Restrictions: Unless applicants provide a valid reason for conducting such research, the CSC typically declines funding requests for a second Master's degree. 

Financial Need: Recipients must show that they would not be able to pay for their education in the UK without the scholarship. 

Documentation: All necessary supporting records have to be submitted in the specified format. 

How to Apply

Application Procedure

  • Only online applications through CSC's system are accepted. Due to heavy internet traffic near the deadline, applications should be submitted well in advance.

  • CSC exclusively receives applications through designated nominating agencies, consisting of two options.

Nominating Agencies

Application Schedule

  • Deadlines are subject to agency discretion.

  • By December 2023, nominations to the CSC are anticipated.

  • Results will be emailed to applicants by July 2024.

Monitoring Communication

  • Keep an eye on all email folders, including junk and spam ones.

  • Scholarship offers are subject to withdrawal if not acknowledged within deadline; immediate action is important.

3.     Denmark government scholarships for non-EU students


Post Graduate Scholarship at Europe

Denmark Government Scholarship comes also in the category of post graduate scholarships in Europe which opens the way for international students to study in Europe.  The Danish Ministry of Education strongly encourages highly capable and motivated students from all over the world to come study in Denmark. In order to help with this, the Ministry provides a variety of scholarships that are intended especially for students from non-European nations and cover full degree programs.

Host institution

Degree level



  • Roskilde University (RUC)

  • Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

  • Aarhus University (AU)

  • Aalborg University (AAU)

  • University of Copenhagen (UCPH)

  • University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

  •  IT University of Copenhagen

Number of scholarships


Eligibility criteria

Selection of Institution and Courses

  • Before starting the application process, decide which higher education institution and which degree you want to take.

Criteria for Entry

Three essential requirements for entry:

  • General prerequisites for admission (the Danish upper secondary school leaving certificate's equivalent).

  • Particular entry requirements (subject levels, grades, and averages vary by study program).

  • Requirements for language (either Danish or English proficiency, depending on the program). 

Evaluation of Qualifications

  • Make sure that your qualifications meet Danish requirements.

  • Relevant Danish occupational qualifications may be taken into account by Academy Profession programs.

Program-Specific Needs

·       Check the university's website to confirm the precise admission requirements for the program of choice.

For information on specific study program requirements, get in touch with the educational institution.

Additional courses

  • If prerequisites are not met, take into consideration additional courses (in Danish) to be eligible.

Language proficiency

  • English or Danish language skills may be needed.

  • Fulfill the prerequisites in language before the program begins.

  • For information on the precise language requirements, visit the institution's website.

Further Details

  • Visit the university's official website to view comprehensive information about entrance and language requirements.

  • Be careful of additional course restrictions regarding language and how they may affect your GPA. 

How To Apply Acknowledgement of Qualification

  • Verify that your credentials meet the requirements of the selected institution. Satisfaction of Conditions:

  • Verify that you meet all entrance requirements. 

Preliminary Beginning

 Start the application process as soon as possible to give yourself enough time to prepare the documents.

Centralized Application  

Denmark has a central application process for undergraduates. Apply online at, the national admissions website.

 Regional Evaluation

Applications are processed centrally, while assessments are carried out locally at the individual universities.

Optimized Procedure

·       Apply easily without having to contact specific educational institutions directly.

· serves as the hub for managing and submitting your application.


4.     Alumni Scholarship (September 2024) 

Post Graduate Scholarship at Europe

The University of Dundee is pleased to offer the Alumni Scholarship, a prestigious opportunity for previous alumni and their immediate family members to start a career of academic growth. This scholarship, which has a maximum value of £3,000, is intended to assist students who want to enroll in a full 180-credit postgraduate educational program beginning in September 2024.

The Alumni Scholarship, which is based on a dedication to academic excellence, honors the university's long history by providing advantages to individuals who have previously earned full undergraduate or graduate degrees in teaching. This scholarship fosters a sense of continuity and shared achievement by reaching out beyond direct graduates to include immediate family members, part-time postgraduate students, and visiting students on exchange or study abroad programs. 

Host Institute

Degree level

Postgraduate taught program

Financial Coverage

 For domestic and RUK students, the scholarship is worth £1,500 GBP; it is valid for a year.

For international applicants, it is worth £3,000 GBP.


·       Comics courses

·       Law courses


  • In order to be eligible, candidates must have completed a full undergraduate or postgraduate taught degree at the University of Dundee and be applying for a full (180 credit) postgraduate taught course starting in September 2024.

  • The requirements are also met by visiting students who took part in an exchange or study abroad program for at least one semester and by part-time postgraduate students (full 180 credits).

  • Family members who have completed their undergraduate or graduate studies at the University of Dundee, including siblings, children, parents, and spouses, are also eligible.

  • Only one alumni award—either the direct graduate or family award—is given per candidate; however, this scholarship can be coupled with other designated awards (Global Excellence, Global Citizenship, or Vice-Chancellor's awards for one area strictly).

  • However, those who are returning for a distance learning course, a postgraduate research course, an undergraduate degree, or a postgraduate teaching course with fewer than 180 credits are not eligible.

  • The documents that are attached contain information about eligibility for students who have completed a full year of study through the International College Dundee or a minimum of three months of research placement/internship.

How to Apply

  • The University of Dundee's course application is integrated; there is no separate application form.

  • When submitting a course application, eligibility is evaluated.

  • Notification of Family Connection (For Graduates Who Did Not Graduate Directly):

  • If you have an immediate family member who is a graduate but you are not, get in touch with the university using the provided link.

Submission of Documentation

·       Ask the family member for permission.

·       Provide pertinent records pertaining to their Dundee studies.

·       Prove the family relationship with evidence.

 If you think you qualify for the scholarship but haven't heard from the institution before beginning your degree, get in touch with them.

For further details click here.

1.     Can I get a full scholarship in Europe?

Yes, it is possible to receive a full scholarship in Europe, depending on a number of variables including financial need, academic standing, and the particular scholarship options offered by colleges or outside organizations. Scholarships for living expenses and tuition are offered by several European universities, giving deserving students a way to continue their study without having to worry about money.

2.      Is there any opportunity available for post graduate scholarship in Europe?

 Yes, there are lots of postgraduate scholarship options in Europe. International students pursuing advanced degrees have access to many funding alternatives provided by numerous colleges, organizations, and government initiatives. It's a good idea to look into particular colleges, federal scholarship programs, and other funding sources that fit your academic background and field of study. Pay attention to the requirements and dates for applying to the many scholarship programs that are offered.

3.     In which country are master's scholarships easily available?

Ans: For overseas students pursuing master's degrees, Australia Awards Scholarships are well known for being easily accessible and in high demand. The development needs of Australia's partner nations are given top priority by these scholarships, which are in line with bilateral and regional agreements to promote collaboration and growth in education.



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