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Undergraduate Scholarships in Europe

Updated: May 4

If you are an undergraduate student or want to enroll in an undergraduate program in Europe with scholarship. Here in this article, we have provided a list of scholarships in Europe for undergraduate students.

Exploring the world of higher education can be a thrilling yet daunting journey, especially when considering the financial aspects. For ambitious undergraduate students seeking to broaden their academic horizons in Europe, the pursuit of scholarships can significantly alleviate the burden of tuition fees and living expenses. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the diverse landscape of undergraduate scholarships available across Europe, offering valuable insights and resources to empower aspiring scholars in their educational endeavors.

Explore our guide to learn the most effective methods for finding these scholarships and to obtain priceless knowledge about the application procedure. 

Learn about lots of opportunities in different countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Finland. This article helps you find useful information to get money for your college studies.

List of Undergraduate Scholarships in Europe

1.   Undergraduate Scholarships in Netherlands

VSBfonds Scholarships for Undergraduate students

Undergraduate Scholarships in Europe

Scholarships from VSBfonds are one of the best undergraduate scholarships in Europe and are awarded to graduating students each year who want to continue their education overseas after finishing their degree. Research projects or internships are not eligible for this funding.

Applicants are free to choose an authorized foreign school on their own terms as long as it satisfies Dutch higher education requirements as well as the requirements of the host nation's government.



Radboud University Located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Radboud University is a Roman Catholic university that receives public funding and places a high priority on research.


In order to be considered for a grant from VSBfonds, applicants need to meet the following criteria:

  •  Have earned a bachelor's or master's degree full-time.

  •  Be a native of the Netherlands or exhibit ties to the country.

  •  Demonstrate a strong sense of motivation and fluency in the language of the destination.

  • Create a study schedule that corresponds with the finished study programme.


Financial Coverage

The scholarships covers totals funds of 10,000 € scholarship. 

Application Process

The VSBfonds website provides interested parties with full information regarding study grants offered by the organization, including eligibility requirements and application processes. On the same platform, you may complete the application as well.

2. Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships in Spain

Start your academic adventure in Spain, a very affordable nation that offers scholarships for programmes leading to a bachelor's, master's, or doctorate without requiring you to take the IELTS.

Spain is a great place for overseas students to study because of its generous funding from the Ministries of Education and Vocational Training. An incredible chance, since Spain has approved scholarships for a considerable 850,000 students for the upcoming academic year. Universities in Spain, both public and private, are renowned for their affordability and accept students without the need for an IELTS score.

World-class universities offering a wide range of studies across many subjects may be found in the nation, which is rich in culture, heritage, and traditions.

 Academic Programmes

Spain boasts 76 universities that provide a wide range of academic programmes, drawing in thousands of foreign students each year.

Language Requirement

 IELTS is not required for students to enroll in English-taught programmes at certain Spanish universities. 

Study Area


 Level of Degree


 Financial Protection

Fully Funded

Financed by

Education and Vocational Training Ministries.

 Top Courses to Study in Spain

There are many options available to international students studying in Spain, including courses in Spanish, law, marketing and finance, science and engineering, and the arts and humanities. 

Universities in Spain Without IELTS

For degree programmes taught in English, a few Spanish universities allow studies without the IELTS.


These universities include, among others:

·    Antonio de Nebrija University Pablo de Olavide University

·    Valencia University

·    The Salamanca University

Scholarships in Spain Without IELTS

Universities, Ministries of Education and Vocational Training, and other organizations of this kind are the main providers of scholarships in Spain. Postgraduate and Master's degree programmes are catered to by these scholarships.

 Discover the rich academic environment of Spain without having to worry about language barriers, and take advantage of the chance to continue your study in a nation renowned for both its intellectual prowess and cultural diversity. Students who are interested can also find out about scholarships in Denmark that do not require the IELTS.

The Ministry of Education in Spain provides scholarships for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies. For further details, visit here.

1.  UIC Barcelona Scholarship

Undergraduate Scholarships in Europe

UIC Barcelona, which stands for Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC), invites international students worldwide to apply for its International Excellence Scholarship Programme. The UIC International Excellence Scholarship is open to applicants of all nationalities. For more information, visit here.


2.  Scholarship at the University of Granada

Undergraduate Scholarships in Europe

Numerous scholarships are available from the University of Granada for programmes leading to master's and doctorate degrees. Students might also investigate University of Granada's Erasmus Scholarship options.

         Go here to learn more.

 Investigate these several scholarship opportunities in Spain that offer financial assistance to students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees. They range from government-sponsored programmes to institution-specific initiatives.

Study Area


Level of Study



Financial Coverage

First-year students with an entrance examination grade below 5.5 out of 10 receive:

  • €120 for academic fees

  • €30 for accommodation

  • €60 for course materials

  • €60 for living expenses

Other undergraduate degree students receive:

  • €674 for academic fees

  • €90 for accommodation

  • €525 for course materials

  • €475 for living expenses

3.Undergraduate Scholarships in Finland

Finland Government undergraduate Scholarships 2024

Apply for the Ministry of Education and Culture's Finland Government Scholarship 2024 to start your scholastic adventure in Finland.

Degree Level


Number Of Scholarships

There are about 500 scholarships available in Finland.

Financial Coverage

Fully Funded 

List of Participating Universities

List of Universities in Finland that offers scholarship are following:

•       Aalto University

•       University of Helsinki

•       University of Eastern Finland

•       University of Jyväskylä

•       University of Lapland

•       LUT University

•       University of Oulu

•       Hanken School of Economics

•       University of the Arts Helsinki

•       Tampere University

•       University of Turku

•       University of Vaasa

•       Åbo Akademi University

Study Programmes

A vast range of courses are offered in subjects including:

  • Natural Sciences,

  • Mathematics, 

  • Statistics,

  •  Agriculture, 

  • Arts, 

  • Business, 

  • Education,

  •  Engineering,

  •  Health,

  •  Humanities, 

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS), 

  • Medicine,

  •  Services (Military Science, Sport Science), 

  •  Social Sciences. 

Eligibility criteria

Those from any nation outside the EU/EEA are eligible to take advantage of this opportunity. Finland is a thriving and quickly expanding international hub in Europe because it offers scholarships to all international students.

 Important Details

 Joint Application System

With the Joint Application system, applicants can submit a single application for up to six-degree programmes. International students can apply to the Joint Applications, which cover more than 500-degree programmes taught in English.

Application Process

  •  The Finland Government Scholarship does not require a separate application. Your application will automatically be given consideration for a scholarship. 

  • There are no application fees, and the process of applying is free. 

  • International students from non-EU/EEA nations are eligible to apply; it can be completed online at joint application. 

  • You may find a database of degree programs taught in English, an explanation of the application process, and answers to often asked questions at the application portal.

 Candidates seeking individualized guidance should get in touch with the institution's Admissions Services; contact information may be found on or the admissions information website of the university.

4.  Undergraduate Scholarships in Germany in 2024

1. DAAD Scholarship Helmut Schmidt

Undergraduate Scholarships in Europe

DAAD is one of the best Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students in Germany. It is available to students all around the world through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).


The DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship opportunity open to citizens of developing countries who are pursuing a Master's degree program.

Candidates interested in this scholarship can find more information by visiting the official website through the link provided.

Study Area


Degree Level

Bachelor and Masters

Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor's, and  master's,  students are eligible. link: Scholarships from the DAAD


Here is a list of scholarships that are available in Germany for undergraduate students.

2.  Scholars of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung 

Undergraduate Scholarships in Europe

Up to 40 students can get these annual scholarships to study in Germany. Bachelor's, and master's, students are eligible. 

Financial Coverage

Fully funded. 


3.  Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships 

Undergraduate Scholarships in Europe

the Heinrich Boll Foundation offers 1500 scholarships for master's, and bachelor's degrees across all disciplines.

 Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor's students are eligible. 

Financial Coverage

Fully funded


5.Undergraduate Scholarship in Italy

Padua University Scholarship in Italy for the 2024-25

Undergraduate Scholarships in Europe

Are you prepared to begin your application for studying in Europe? We have a scholarship opportunity to fund higher education in Italy.

The Padua University Scholarship in Italy for the 2024-25 academic year is a fantastic opportunity for students pursuing bachelor's and master's degrees. The university, which is one of the oldest in the world, boasts eight schools, 32 departments, and over 50 English-teaching programs, providing a rich academic environment.

The scholarship covers tuition fees, allowing students to experience Italy's beautiful landscapes and vibrant cities while receiving a world-class education.

With renowned academic programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and a simple application process, the University of Padua Scholarship combines excellence and cultural immersion, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a unique and enriching academic experience in Italy's most historic cities.

Courses Available

The following is a list of courses offered for the bachelor's program:

  • School of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine: Animal Care

  • School of Engineering: Information Engineering

  • School of Psychology: Psychological Science, Techniques and methods in Psychological Science

  • School of Human and Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage: Italian Medieval and Renaissance Studies

  • School of Science: Biology of human and environmental health, Earth and Climate Dynamics


Eligibility Criteria

University of Padua Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

• This scholarship in Europe is available to applicants from all countries around the globe.

• To apply for a bachelor's degree program, you must submit your secondary education results.

• Students applying for a master's program must have completed a bachelor's degree.

• Applicants must possess an excellent academic record to be eligible for the Padova University Scholarship.

• They must also meet the criteria for the program for which they apply.



Benefits of the University of Padua Scholarship Program:

• Fully funded financial coverage.

• The whole tuition cost will be covered by a scholarship. 

• The institution provides a wide selection of programs taught in English, allowing students to study a language they are comfortable with while also immersing themselves in a new culture.

• International students will get a stipend of €8,000 per year. Students who want to live close to their studies may choose to live on campus, though this is not a guarantee.

• Studying abroad can help students gain valuable skills that will help them both personally and professionally, like flexibility, independence, and cross-cultural communication. 

• Students are still required to pay admission fees that reflect Marca da Bollo and the regional tax.


Eligibility Criteria


To be eligible for the University of Padua Scholarship 2024-25 in Italy:


Academic Excellence: Maintain a strong academic record, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (out of 4.0) or equivalent.

Enrollment in a Degree Program: Enroll in a degree program at the University of Padua; scholarships are not applicable to language courses, preparatory courses, or exchange programs.


Nationality: Non-Italian citizenship is a requirement.


Language Proficiency: Demonstrate proficiency in English or Italian, based on your chosen degree program's language of instruction. Some scholarships may necessitate minimum scores in English language proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.


Research Proposal (if applicable): For certain scholarships, submit a concise research proposal or a statement of purpose highlighting your research interests and their alignment with the scholarship's objectives. Following documents are needed to apply for the University of Padua Excellence Award


Several documents, all in PDF format, are necessary for admission for applicants from outside. Among these is a legitimate 

• An academic transcript or mark sheet;

• A curriculum vitae;

• A passport or ID card;

 • A motivation letter;

• A language competency certificate;

• An upper secondary school diploma or academic qualification

 •In addition, depending on the degree program selected, certain documents could be needed.

How to Apply

To apply for the University of Padua Scholarship in Italy, follow these general steps:

Research Scholarships: Explore available scholarships and their eligibility criteria on the university's scholarship website.

Prepare Documents: Collect necessary documents such as academic transcripts, language proficiency certificates, research proposals, recommendation letters, financial documents, and a copy of your passport.

Create an Account: Register on the University of Padua's scholarship portal, and complete the application form.


Submit Application: Upload all required documents and submit your application before the specified deadline. Ensure a thorough review of your application before final submission.

Wait for Results: Allow the scholarship selection committee to evaluate your application. Be patient while awaiting the outcome.


When is the application period for the September Intake 2024 in Finland?


The application period for English-taught Bachelor's and Master's studies starting in September 2024 will commence in December 2023 on

Can I obtain a full scholarship in Europe?


Yes, there are numerous scholarships and financial support schemes available across Europe for international students pursuing studies. These can cover partial or full tuition fees, as well as support living costs.

How can I secure a full scholarship for undergraduate studies in Europe?

To secure a full scholarship follow these steps:

  •   Know where to look for available opportunities.

  •  Prepare well in advance by researching and understanding the scholarship landscape.

  • Work hard, maintaining a strong academic and extracurricular record.

  •  Differentiate yourself from other applicants by showcasing unique qualities and achievements.

  •  Read application instructions thoroughly to meet all requirements.

  • Submit an exceptional scholarship essay or cover letter.

  •  Be realistic in your expectations and consider applying to a variety of scholarships, including partial ones.

What are the key steps to getting a full scholarship for undergraduate studies in Europe?


To increase your chances of obtaining a full scholarship you must need to follow these instructions:

  • Research available opportunities.

  • Start your preparations early.

  • Maintain a strong academic and extracurricular record.

  • Highlight unique qualities and achievements.

  •  Follow application instructions carefully.

  • Craft an outstanding scholarship essay or cover letter.

  • Be realistic and consider applying to a variety of scholarships.


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