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Undergraduate Scholarships in Germany

Looking to study in Germany for your Bachelor's degree? Well, good news!

Dreaming of an international education filled with rich culture, academic excellence, and vibrant experiences? Dive into the world of Undergraduate Scholarships in Germany, where opportunities abound for eager minds seeking to ignite their academic journey in the heart of Europe's educational powerhouse.

If you're considering Germany as a destination for your study abroad experience, our article on the Undergraduate Scholarships in Germany is worth exploring.

Why to Study in Germany?

There are many options in Germany for foreign students who want to pursue their academic goals through undergraduate scholarships. With its world-class universities, innovative laboratories, and dynamic cultural landscape, Germany is a shining example for anyone looking to pursue life-changing educational opportunities. 

Due to its dedication to academic quality, varied learning environments, and significant scholarship programs, the nation has grown to become increasingly appealing to students from around the world in recent years. These scholarships give students access to prestigious universities and valuable cultural experiences, all while easing the financial burden of pursuing higher education. 

Germany welcomes talented people from all over the world, whether via government-funded programs, university-specific grants, or private foundations. 

In this article we have compiled a list of prestigious undergraduate scholarships in Germany that are available for international students who want to pursue their  Bachelor's degree in Germany. 

Top Undergraduate Scholarships in Germany

1.  University of Hamburg Merit Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships in Germany

Universität Hamburg knows how important it is to help its community of international students finish their academic careers. The institution provides degree completion grants to support students who are nearing the end of their studies as part of its commitment to this goal. For qualified students who would find it difficult to finish their degrees because of financial limitations, scholarships are an essential source of funding.

These funds are accessible to students who are already enrolled at Universität Hamburg and who are not German nationals and are not eligible for the federal student loan program.

They are intended to lessen the burden of financial concerns. Furthermore, candidates must be in the final examination portion of their studies or be getting ready to go through it, and they must have documentation proving they were not receiving financial assistance throughout this critical time.

The aim of Universität Hamburg's degree completion grants is to enable its diverse student body to realize their full potential and succeed academically.


University of Hamburg

Funding type

Partial funding

Financial Coverage

€200 to €720 per month

Duration of Scholarship

6-12 month

Deadline to Apply for the Scholarship

Its two times in a year: 1st June and 1st Dec each year

Eligibility Criteria

  • In Germany, the main criteria for undergraduate scholarships are need based scholarships. 

  • People of all nationalities are eligible, with the exception of German nationals.

  •  To be eligible, applicants must show that their monthly income is less than €450.

  • Obtaining an evaluation from the academic supervisor is one of the scholarship requirements.

  • Residency documentation is required in order to comply with scholarship requirements.

  • Copies of the bank statements from each checking and savings account for the preceding three months must be submitted by applicants.

  • A thorough picture of the applicant's financial status requires additional evidence of their financial assets.

  • Reaching these benchmarks improves your chances of getting this undergraduate scholarship in Germany. 

How To Apply


Documents Required

  •  Make sure you have the following documents prepared for upload while completing the online application:

  •  CV Statement describing your motivation for applying

  •  A comprehensive timetable detailing every stage leading up to your final exam

  •  The supervisor's assessment of your final thesis.

 The Evaluation for a Universität Hamburg Degree Completion Grant form, which is available in PDF format, must also be completed and submitted. Verify that all necessary files have been uploaded to the online application portal located within the specified deadline.

2.  RWTH Aachen University Exchange Scholarships


Undergraduate Scholarships in Germany

For students seeking a bachelor's degree, the "Undergraduate scholarships in Germany offered by RWTH" program offers an incredible opportunity to enhance their academic experience by spending a semester on exchange at RWTH Aachen University.


Candidates for this scholarship program. It encourages students to engage globally and to comprehend different cultures in addition to facilitating intellectual interchange.


With the help of this scholarship, students can further improve their educational experience in Germany by expanding their horizons and deepening their knowledge in an international academic setting.

 This Undergraduate Scholarship in Germany provided by RWTH aims to provide funding to students to support for a semester at RWTH from each participating university.


RWTH Aachen University Funding Type


Financial Coverage

€1,000 in total (which includes living and accommodation expenses), and a free September German language course


Duration of Scholarship

1 semester

Eligibility Criteria

Students from Bachelors and Masters degree who want to participate in this exchange program must be nominated by their home universities first. It's only allowed for partner universities from different countries.

Here is the complete list of the eligible universities.

How to Apply

The scholarship application process is the same as the study abroad program application process that you submit through your home university's international office.

It is important to know that your home university's international outgoing coordinator must nominate you in order for your application to be accepted.

For this reason, the university would ask that you hold off on sending us specific inquiries until after your home university has nominated you for the award.

Click Here to Apply Now.

3.  Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology Scholarship in Germany

Undergraduate Scholarships in Germany

The Deutschlandstipendium at RUB has been an indispensable source of academic support since it was established in 2011. The German government supports this scholarship program, which enables private donors and outstanding young talent to work together.

The objective of the program is to give scholarships to students who have excelled academically or at school, as well as those who show a remarkable dedication to their local community or social problems.

In addition, the selection procedure takes into account a number of variables, such as social, familial, and personal circumstances, guaranteeing a comprehensive method for locating and assisting worthy applicants.


Ruhr University Bochum

Funding Type

Receive two types of fundings: €150 financed by a private donor and €150 from the German government.

Financial Coverage

This scholarship offers €300 per month for one year (from October through September).

Eligibility Criteria

Requirements for eligibility include both outstanding academic achievement and a significant social presence. In addition to first-degree degrees, financing is available for master's and second- or postgraduate-level studies.

 In the selection procedure, the following grades are taken into account:

 For Undergraduate Scholarship: Performance on basic module exams for bachelor's degree candidates. 

For master's students: the results of the necessary master's exams combined with the grade from the bachelor's degree. 

Students who meet the necessary grade requirements and who are single parents in particular are given priority.


How To Apply

Click the link given below to apply for the scholarship.

        Click Here to Apply

4.  Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships in Germany

Do you intend to apply for scholarships to study in Germany as an undergraduate? I have a wonderful surprise for you. Applications for the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation Scholarship are open at this time.

This fully funded scholarship opportunity covers a range of costs for undergraduate and graduate study in Germany. A basic salary of up to EUR 850 per month and support for health insurance costs are available to successful applicants. There are also, when applicable, allowances for families and newborns. 

This prestigious scholarship is awarded to up to 40 deserving candidates and comes with an extensive seminar program. The objective of this program is to improve the academic and social competencies of candidates. Students who exhibit outstanding academic merit and a dedication to the values of social democracy are encouraged to apply, regardless of their field of study.


Friedrich Ebert

Degree Level


Number Of Scholarships


Financial Coverage

  • Monthly stipend of EUR 750 for programs leading to state examinations, diplomas, bachelor's degrees, or master's degrees.

  • EUR 850 per month is the master's course stipend.

  • Costs for health insurance are covered.

  • A family payment of EUR 276 is provided to scholars who have kids. Repayment is not necessary.

Eligibility Criteria

  •  German and English are required languages.

  •  Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe are the eligible countries.

  •  Evidence of potential in academics or the workplace is required to apply.

  •  It requires admission to a German university or college.

  •  German proficiency is required, while English-language classes are also offered.

  • Devotion to the essential principles of social democracy.

  •  Intellectual curiosity, political thinking, openness, tolerance, teamwork, critical thinking, and self-reflection are all desirable personality qualities.

How To Apply?

  •  First you need to fill out the online application form containing your professional and family history.

  •  If you need support, get in touch with 480 renowned lecturers prior to applying.

  •  If qualified, send in additional documentation via email, including two expert reports from instructors and information about prior coursework and political engagement.

  •  First-year students require reports from previous teachers for their first semester.

  •  Documents can be uploaded within three weeks, and reports can be requested within six weeks.

  •  While awaiting an answer, prepare paperwork.

  •  Instructions for preparing reports and the necessary materials are available as downloadable PDFs.

  •  Two interviews will be held for those who made the short list: one with a selection committee member and one with a department lecturer.

  •  The selection committee makes the final acceptance decision; it meets several times a year.

  •  Go to the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships website for additional details. Read Also: Gates Cambridge Scholarships for PhD

5.  SBW Berlin Scholarship

Undergraduate Scholarships in Germany

Learn about the fully funded SBW Berlin Scholarship, which is intended for students studying abroad. This scholarship offers full support, which includes monthly stipends, lodging and travel allowances, 100% tuition cost waivers, and more. We at SBW Berlin are committed to promoting education around the world.

The scholarship program aims to empower international students who are underprivileged financially so they can use the skills they have learned in Germany to lead worthwhile non-profit organizations, especially back home.


SBW Berlin

Degree Level


Funding Type

Fully Funded

Duration of the Scholarship

Depends on the selected program


Two time a year

15th may to 30th June and 15th Nov to Dec 31st.

Financial Coverage

  •  Living place at students flats in Berlin

  • Cost of living expenses

  • Tuition fee of university

  • Travel Expenses to and from your Country.

Eligibility Criteria


  • English proficiency is required.

  • Applicants are allowed to apply from any country.

  • Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 30.

  • Candidates must be enrolled in a state-recognized institution (in Germany or abroad) in the first, second, or, at most, third semester, or be getting ready to start their university studies.

  • A minimum of 2.0 German grade point average should be achieved by the average grades.

Applicants must show a comparatively low net income, with the entire household income not going above the publicly declared average income for their nation of origin.  

How To Apply

  • Follow the following instructions to apply for the SBW Berlin Scholarship:

  •  Complete the online application.

  •  Provide a picture and some personal information.

  •  Provide details about your schooling to your parents and other family members.

  •  Provide information about your educational background, present job, aspirations for your career, talents, interests, and volunteer or vacation experiences.

  •  Provide the necessary paperwork, such as a motivation letter, transcripts, evidence of language ability, and extra recommendations, if any.

  •  It is optional to provide proof of household income.

  •  Send an email with the application and supporting documentation to

  •  Every year, decision notifications are normally distributed in early February or early August.

  •  Click here for additional information.

6.     Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships in Germany

The Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarships are available from Heidelberg University to support talented and motivated students from Germany and beyond students pursuing careers in MINT disciplines (mathematics, informatics, natural sciences, and technology) beginning in their first semester of study.

The goal of each scholarship is to support students throughout their degree program by offering 1,000 euros each month. The winter semester of 2021–2022 marked the initial awarding of these scholarships.

Institute name

Heidelberg University

Degree Level


Duration of the Scholarship

Whole Degree

Financial Coverage

This scholarship will provide €1,000 per month to fulfil your expenses.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible for a Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarship, you must be able to:

  • You have not completed or will not complete a course of study at Heidelberg University before beginning your studies (a MINT topic must be studied at least 50% of the time), and you are applying to a Bachelor's program in a MINT subject for the first semester.

  •  You are applying to a Master's program for the first semester in a MINT subject, and before beginning your studies, you have not yet finished or will not finish a course of study at Heidelberg University.

  •  To apply for a Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarship, you do not need to have obtained confirmation of admission to Heidelberg University for the coming winter semester.

How To Apply

  •  Enrol on the web-based application platform within the specified period for applications.

  • Fill out the application online.

  •  Upload each and every document that is needed.

  • Before the application time closes, submit the application.

Click here for further details.


1. Is it possible to get a full Scholarship in Germany?

There are certain scholarships available in Germany that provide full financial coverage to study in Germany.


2. How much gap is accepted for undergraduate programs in Germany?

Study gaps of up to one to two years for undergraduate programs are typically accepted by German universities. In Germany, students frequently find it difficult to justify an academic pause in a gap certificate when they apply for higher education.

3.  Can Students Stay in Germany After Completing Their Degrees?

Graduates from German universities are permitted to stay in the country for a maximum of 1.5 years in order to look for work and acquire employment. After working in Germany for two years, they might be eligible to apply for a settlement visa, which would allow them to live there permanently.


4. Can Studying in Germany Lead to Citizenship?

In general, pursuing education in Germany does not automatically grant citizenship. When a student's studies are over and their visa expires, they usually have to leave Germany. This is known as a study visa.









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