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Welcome to Scientific Pakistan, where knowledge meets innovation. Scientific Pakistan isn't just a platform; it's a movement. Driven by Dr Rizwana's resilience and Yasir's tech-savvy zeal, it equips young minds with their transformation towards the right scientific skills and high-demand tech skills. Their mission is to equip budding Young graduates, researchers and tech lovers with the right tech skills, ensuring a transformative journey in the scientific realm. Welcome to Scientific Pakistan, where knowledge meets innovation.

Dr Rizwana Mustafa

Dr. Rizwana Mustafa, a Ph.D. in Chemistry, overcame academic challenges during her doctoral journey. Fueled by her experiences, she founded Scientific Pakistan, a platform providing free content and guidance for aspiring researchers. Dr. Mustafa aims to streamline the research path for young scientists globally

Yasir Ali_edited.jpg

Yasir Ali Warraich 

Co-founder Yasir Ali Warraich, a tech enthusiast and CEO of a digital marketing company, joined forces. Together, they empower young graduates by showcasing the power of technology and its future impact.

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