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Mastery in

Academic Writing AI Tools

Comprehensive course, designed to empower academic researchers with in-depth understanding and practical skills of using AI Tools to boost their academic writing process. 

Boost Your Research Career with AI

Key Modules

What You’ll Discover In This Master Class

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Scope and Limitations of AI Tools In Academic Writing


How to use AI Tools Professionally


How to Select the right tool among the 100's


How to Make Your AI Writing More Powerful and Professional

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Go From Beginner to Professional Academic Writing

This 3-hour master class will teach you how to plan, create, write, and edit your academic writing projects more quickly than you usually do. 

Who Can Enroll This Course

Academic Writer

Any one who have to deal with academic writing


MS/Ph.D. Post doc
any researchers which involves in research writing


Faculty who really want to 10x thier productvity by using Ai in thier academic writing


Professional who want to explore Ai tools for technical and corporate writng 

About Dr Rizwana


I'm Dr. Rizwana Mustafa, a seasoned Ph.D. in Chemistry, committed to supporting researchers in their academic endeavors.

Are you grappling with obstacles on your research path? Fear not, as I provide customized solutions and practical roadmaps to elevate your productivity.

Moreover, I take pride in keeping researchers abreast of the latest tools and advancements, ensuring a seamless and swift academic writing process.

Welcome to a journey of empowered research.

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Trusted & Acknowledged

we are trusted by the absolute best academic & research institutions, including PIEAS, IIUI, FJWU, ARID, GC , NIC, PSF, PCSIR and Comstech, among others

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    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about your business like "Where do you ship to?", "What are your opening hours?", or "How can I book a service?".
  • How to join a training course?
    To join a course follow these steps: 1. Select and course 2. Click join button 3. Pay the Fee 4. Confirm Order You can always get help from support team here.
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    Simply go to any course/mentor/service/event and proceed the process. You will get the payment details before completion of order.
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  • Do I get connected with fellow workshop students?
    Yes, You will be added to a special community where you can interact and engage with other members and Dr. Rizwana and can develop research collaboration.
  • How will I watch it?
    You will be given a special portal where you can consume the workshop at any time.
  • Do I have lifetime access to the course?
    Yes! Once you join, you get the workshop for a lifetime. You will be given a special portal where you can consume the workshop at any time.
  • Is it live?
    This is a pre-recorded workshop that can be watched at any time.
  • Do I get to connect with Dr. Rizwana?
    Yes, I will be there to help you and answer your queries, and the issues you are facing while using these tools during monthly live sessions.
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