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AI in Research

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Highlight what you will learn throughout the course 💠Introduction to AI & Its Relevance in Research. 💠AI-Powered Literature Review Techniques. 💠Automating Data Collection & Analysis. 💠Crafting High-Quality Research Topics with AI. 💠How To Make AI Written Content AI and Plagiarism-Free. 💠How to Check Plagiarism & AI With Free Tools. 💠Drawing scientific images and figures with AI tools. 💠AI-assisted proofreading and grammar-checking. 💠Citation management by Using an AI-supported Reference manager. 💠My free & Paid Picks among 40+ Ai tools. 💠Ethical Considerations in AI-Driven Research. 💠Free Chrome extensions for fast research writing and topic selection 💠Creating a Future-Ready Research Workflow with AI.




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