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Research Methodology

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Understanding Research 1- What Is Research? 2- Benefits of Research I Importance & Advantages Research Project Development 3- Check Whether your Research Problem is Researchable 4- Difference B/W Research Problem & Question 5- 3 Steps Before Starting Research 6- 5 Majors Mistakes While Research Proposal Writing 7- D/B Applied Research & Academic Research 8- How to Select/Find/Write the Research Topic 9- How to Develop a Strong Hypothesis 10- How to Select / Find / Choose Research Area 11- How To Find A Research Gap 12- How to Develop A STRONG Research Question 13- Types of Research: Qualitative, Quantitative & Mix 14- Make Your Research Proposal With ChatGpt 15- What is Research Collaboration? Literature Review 16- How To Read A Research Paper 17- How to Find Research Paper Regarding Your Research 18- How to Paraphrase in 4 Simple Steps 19- How to Write a Literature Review in Research 20- Do and Don't While doing Review of Literature 21- Paraphrasing Free Tools Online Research Writing 22- How to Write a Thesis 23- How to Select the Reference From a Research Paper 24- Magical AI-Based Free Academic Tools Reference Management 25- How to Manage References in Microsoft 26-How To Use Mendeley 2023 For Reference Management 27- Endnote Tutorial l How to Create EndNote Library 28- How to Add References with Endnotes in Word doc





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